Enhanced summer control of Hungarian Trade Licensing Office (MKEH) has ended: financial assurance has been increased by HUF 252 million, four travel entrepreneurs’ permit has been revoked, said.

The commercial authority reviewed the amount of the previously confirmed financial assurance, based on the turnover data of previous year and sales, furthermore, it verified their availability.

The audit covered both the 650 tour operators. As a result of inspections, 53 travel agencies increased their financial assurances, which also guarantee the safety of the passengers’ payments, with more than HUF 252 million before the summer high season – MKEH said.

According to the information, the authority decided on the revocation of four travel organizers’ permission, because the agencies did not fulfill their reporting obligations, therefore the amount of the previously-proven guarantees couldn’t be established. The permissions of travel agencies concerned were therefore withdrawn not because of insolvency but because of the non-fulfillment of legal obligation. The decisions have become final for three agencies – MTI said.

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