It’s been only a few years since Szekszárd winemakers started producing Schiller wines under a common brand but there is already a strong following for Fuxli. It comes as no surprise, as it is a wine for all seasons.

More than a rosé, less than a red – a succinct and apt definition of Schiller wine. At first sight it may seem a rather narrow category, but in reality Fuxli is highly regarded for its versatility in gastronomy. It is a perfect match not only for the spicy paprika dishes of the Hungarian cuisine, but also for classic Italian dishes heavy on tomatoes, like pizza or pasta. Furthermore, these are just the safest bets, it pays to be adventurous with Fuxli and, surely, you can’t go wrong with Fuxli as your wine of choice for BBQ parties.

The first Schiller wines under the Fuxli name were produced by Szekszárd winemakers in 2011 and the sixth vintage has just hit the shelves in wine stores. Fuxli comes from the German word Fuchs meaning ’fox’ and it alludes to the similarity in colour of the the wine and the fur of the animals. The wines not only share the brand name but the bottles also have something in common: though each label is slightly different they all feature the picture of a fox. What is even more significant, the quality of Fuxli is guaranteed by the winemakers themselves. All submitted Fuxli candidates are tasted blind, and only those approved by two thirds of the winemakers are allowed to use the name.

This year six wineries produced Fuxlis: Eszterbauer Borászat, Garai Pince, Heimann Családi Birtok, Hetényi János Pincészete, Sebestyén Pince and Takler Borbirtok. The new vintage is a great success, the wines are lively with pronounced fruitiness. The 2016 Fuxlis turned out to be just the way we like our Schillers.

András Takler considers Fuxli an important element even in the portfolio of a winery as large as theirs. „We have always attributed special significance to Schiller wines, however, since the opening of our restaurant they have gained extra importance. In gastronomy it is essential to find the right match for various dishes and this is where Fuxli comes to its own; it matches particularly well with sous vide pork chuck served with freshly made letscho, bacon and bulgur.”

Zoltán Garai is a newcomer in the wine region, he joined the winemaking community last autumn. „Schiller is not an easy wine to make, one has to find the right balance between exuberance and proper weight. Fuxli is at its best when substance is married to zesty, crispy acidity.”

The wines are already available in wine stores including Bortársaság, which offers a special package containing all six Fuxlis made in the vintage – this provides an ideal opportunity to customers to find their favourite summer wine.

Photos: Albert Kiss

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Source: Wineglass Communication

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