The exhibition CAPA105 by Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre is open until 30 September to showcase some curious details from the life of the world-famous photojournalist.

Robert Capa is probably the most famous Hungarian photographer of all time who, together with a number of other pioneers from his home country, had a tremendous impact on photojournalism.

As Nullahategy reports, the container exhibition will give visitors an insight into the extraordinary life of the photojournalist, who was originally born as Endre Friedmann in Budapest.

Visitors at the opening event of CAPA105 exhibition in Budapest Park on 29 July.
Photo: MTI/Márton Mónus

The opening ceremony was held on 29 July, where actor Bálint Adorjáni and musician Barna Szőke performed pieces from books written by and about Robert Capa. The installation showcasing 105 works will give visitors an insight into the lesser-known aspects of the artist’s life, like how his Hungarian roots helped and, at other times, hindered his professional career, some interesting and dangerous events he got into during WWII, or his favourite pastime activity of reading in a bathtub.

Actor Bálint Adorjáni and musician Barna Szőke performing at the opening ceremony.
Photo: MTI/Márton Mónus

The CAPA105 exhibition is located at open-air venue Budapest Park and is available from 29 July through 30 September in the opening hours of the establishment. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.

Photo: MTI/Márton Mónus

Apart from Budapest, the artist spent many years of his life in the cities of Vienna, Prague, and Paris, and he became known for photographing some really significant events in history, such as the Spanish Civil War, World War II, and the First Indochina War. Here you can read more about his extraordinary life.


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