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Freedom House has published their research into the rate of democratic and political freedom all across the globe again – Hungary’s status from ‘Free’ has been changed to ‘Partly Free’.

Freedom House has published its global ranking for the thirteenth time, this time, dedicating a separate chapter to discuss the attacks on American democracy in the past years, given that the USA scored 86 this time, but ten years ago 94.

Freedom House has looked into altogether 195 countries, out of which 86 were listed as ‘Free’, 59 as ‘Partly Free’ and 50 as ‘Not Free’.

“In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has presided over one of the most dramatic declines ever charted by Freedom House within the European Union” – Freedom House

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Last year, Hungary scored 72, however in the latest survey, only 70, which means that it has declined from ‘Free’ to ‘Not Free’, due to the manner in which Viktor Orbán and the Fidesz government attacks the press, universities, researchers, the academia, civil organisations, NGOs, asylum seekers, the courts and the private sector since 2010. In the 2018 elections, Orbán’s and Fidesz’s place was secured through years of careful and methodical work invested in undermining criticism in the media and civil circles.

Freedom House highlights that a series of demonstrations have begun at the end of 2018: the protesters demand that Orbán steps down.

freedom house democracy orbán

The organisation states that the way democratic institutions suffered and were destroyed by antidemocratic leadership in Hungary is similar to the situation in Venezuela and Turkey. Irresponsible antidemocratic rhetoric is just the beginning of the restriction on freedom.

When concluding the report, Freedom House accused Orbán and Mohammad bin Salman of representing a threat to human liberty, reminding readers that their abuses should not be overlooked and such leaders must be held responsible for their actions.

You can find the full report HERE.



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  1. Take this correct view of Matteo Salvini who gave a big blow last week to leftist activists who attended a meeting of his party. Salvini was accused of being a ‘murderer’ because he wants to curb migration to the country and considers his own population more important than the population elsewhere. But Salvini turned the conversation around and called the activists something they did not expect: Give your address and phone number then we send the migrants to your house! See: A good comment from him because he puts his finger on the sore spot. A very vocal and small part of the population is in favor of mass immigration while a majority in Italy prefers less migration. To express their displeasure activists called Salvini: ‘Cursed murderer!’ But Salvini seems to understand how to deal with such a situation. He invited the activists to leave their address so that migrants who come to Italy are delivered to their homes. An excellent proposal because if you point out the moralistic finger and shout that migrants are always welcome whatever, take the good example and take one in your house. Nobody thinks that is a problem, but that is not what happens. The left-wing activists that Salvini had to deal with demand that others finance their hobby. Instead of taking action themselves they want ‘the state’ to do something. In other words, everyone contributes to their ideal world. And anyone who does not agree with them is a ‘killer’. How many activists have actually left their address at Salvini to accept migrants in their homes is unknown. But we can put the clock on it that there are few. Probably zero. In the Netherlands we also see initiatives from such benefactors. Consider, for example, the initiative ‘we’re going to get them’ which incidentally got stranded because the organizers were not capable enough to make the initiative a success. They are people with a good (left) heart. They want the best for everyone, anywhere in the world. But often they also lose sight of reality. And if that happens you get high-profile videos like the above. Hey! Are you for more migration? Then take a migrant in your home, otherwise we cannot take it seriously!

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