Várkert Bazár, Advent, Christmas

From this Sunday until the 23rd of December, Várkert Bazár will organise its annual Advent Celebration for the fourth time, with exciting and fascinating programmes for every generation.

According to magyaridok.hu, the director of Várkert Bazár, Csaba Gyutai, reported that the most fascinating spectacle of the Advent Celebration will be the living Bethlehem every Sunday between 10:00 and 18:00 o’clock. He also emphasised that lots of handcrafting programmes, workshops, playhouses and concerts for children and adults will await the arriving guests.

The Advent Celebration will be opened by a Hungarian band called Irie Maffia on Sunday. Márton Élő, the leader of the band, reported that his band usually performs on festivals so they will perform together with a jazz band and recompose their biggest songs to be appropriate for the festive occasion. Hungarian band Punnany Massif will also be the band’s performing guest.

17th of December will be the day of Hungarian literature where famous Hungarian actors like Pál Mácsai, Imre Csuja, and Kátya Tompos will perform Hungarian poet’s well-known and lesser-known poems.

On Advent’s third Sunday, dancing and world music will be in the focus of the event. Members of the Kecskemét City Ballet will perform a rare and special ballet choreography with the live music of the Hungarian band called Esszencia.

On 16th of December, a special theatrical performance can be seen in Várkert Bazár, featuring traditional Hungarian folk dance and music with the inspiration of jazz and classical music. The aim of this performance will be to provide an insight into the meaning of the Advent Season.

One day before the Holy Night, on 23rd December, jazz and classical music will be in the focus of the festive event and also a concert by the Snétberger Trió, a Hungarian jazz guitar band which will feature songs from their brand new album entitled Titok (Secret).

During these concerts and performances, visitors can also purchase several Christmas products represented by the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest from more than 40 booths.

Várkert Bazár, Christmas, Advent
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Source: magyaridok.hu

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