The “most modern scientific playground” developed by a Japanese team has finally come to Budapest, reports. Interactive games, light painting and drawings coming alive virtually – just a few of the special activities that will amaze every kid and probably entertain their older relatives, too.

Future Park is hosted by the newly opened Andrássy Élményközpont, which is planned to become a centre in Budapest for travelling exhibitions from all around the world. Future Park opened on 1 June and is awaiting visitors for 4 months. The interactive exhibitions were developed in 2001 by teamLab, a team of various Japanese expert, including artists, programmers, engineers, computer animators, mathematicians, architects, graphic designers and editors.

future park

There are 8 rooms to explore at the exhibition, whose target audience is predominantly kindergarten and middle school kids, but the colourful space can prove to be fun for parents, too. The spaces of the exhibition keep coming alive virtually: flowers bloom on the floor, and touch-screen lizard run up and down on the wall.

See some of the games:

Drawings coming alive

Coloured drawings made by visitors come alive on a huge 3D platform, even starting to communicate with each other when touched on the screen.

Painted nature

This exciting game is designed to educate about the workings of the eco-system, simulating natural processes. This time, drawings made of animals and plants are transported into virtual reality.

The Giant Balls Orchestra

The light balls emit different sounds and lights when pushed along on the floor. The balls up in the air communicate with each other: if one ball touches another one, it affects all the rest in its vicinity, changing the colours of the entire space.

“The Table Where Little People Live”

Small humanoid figures populate an interactive screen that children can sit around. By placing objects on the table, the movement of the figures can be altered; they start climbing on or sliding off the obstacles.

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