reports that if everything goes according to the plans, the connection of metro line M2 and the suburban railways can start soon that will result in a rather futuristic and cool design. Check out how it will actually look like!

Within a short amount of time, the authorisation plan for the connection of metro line M2 and the suburban railway line H8 (Gödöllő) is going to be prepared. In fact, the enormous project is divided into five phases the first two of which can have their binding construction permit in the second half of 2019.

Péter Kovács, mayor of the 16th district of Budapest, reports that hopefully, the government will also support the project and in the following EU funding cycle, the first phase of the planned investment can take place.

Thanks to the investment, that affects around 320,000 locals, the travelling time could be significantly reduced.

This means that it would take only 25 minutes to reach the Deák Ferenc Square from Rákoskeresztúr instead of the current 60-minutes journey.

During the 1st phase of the investment, the physical connection between the metro line and the suburban railway line would be constructed at Örs vezér Square that would also get a futuristic design and give home to public and green spaces. Then comes the construction of the line leading to Rákoskeresztúr and later on, they continue with the one between Cinkota and Gödöllő. During the 4th phase, the line to Csömör is going to be modernised and reconstructed while the final phase of the investment would go as far as the Hungaroring.

As announced in a press release, the costs of the enormous investment in the capital are going to be the following in each of the phases :

  • the 1st phase costs around 106.5 billion forints (357 million euros)
  • the 2nd phase costs around 127 billion forints (423 million euros)
  • the 3rd phase costs around 38.5 billion forints (130 million euros)
  • the 4th phase costs around 1.3 billion forints (3 million euros)
  • the 5th phase costs around 5.3 billion forints (17 million euros)

The capital also shared a video on the site of about how the connection of the metro line and the suburban railway line will look like and result in the spectacular and futuristic station at Örs vezér Square.

Check it out! 🙂

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