A study was published recently on BKK’s website about the reconstruction of H8 in Gödöllő. This document also mentions the possibility of connecting it to Metro 2, as Blikk.hu reports.

The study states that Metro 2 and HÉV H8 could be connected at Örs vezér Square. The further path of the latter one could also be diverted to a new track. The authors justify their ideas by the competitivity of public transportation, as well as current social and economic progresses. By these improvements, they promise a shorter travelling time for 40,000 passengers. As BKK’s website mentions, these novelties could also improve the quality of travelling.

According to the plans, these new lines would make public transport between the surrounding territories and the inner areas of Budapest compete even with travelling by car. To achieve this, they are constructing P+R and B+R parking lots, they are creating barrier-free areas, and they also promise new vehicles and a higher quality of informing passengers. They are also planning to redesign bus and trolley bus network in the capital.

The improvements might also include the renewal of Örs vezér Square metro station. This is where the lines of Metro 2 and HÉV H8 would merge. The railway track would go underground at Pillangó Street station, then it would come up to the surface at Körvasút station. As the website claims, they are planning to construct the new Örs vezér Square station in the middle of Kerepesi Street, right under the current pedestrian subway. The reconstruction will not harm the easy access to the two department stores.

The plans also include the establishment of a new branch that would go sideways from the combines M2-H8 line in Rákosfalva and continue its path in a different direction. This branch would go along until Akadémia-újtelep on the surface. Arriving there, it would continue underground. These improvements would bring along the construction of four new stations in District XVII.

The metro line could be lengthened from Örs vezér Square to Mátyásföld in the distant future. This would allow District XVII to be part of a faster public transport network.

Source: Blikk.hu

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