“Fresh and brave. Incredible. Modern and sophisticated. Home design” – these were some of the comments that BORD Architectural Studio received for their plans of the International School of Debrecen, which is predicted to be inaugurated in 2019. According to forbes.hu, the school will offer an international education system for 500 Hungarian and foreign students.

The school will be located in the Debrecen-Pallag area, near the Nagyerdő (Great Forest) and the Natura2000. The essence of the concept is that the building surrounding the parkland inner yard and the sport fields will blend into the green environment as much as possible. The architects chose a symbolic shape for this aim: the building will form a circle that represents safety, unity and community.

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Communal areas, sport fields and educational gardens will be found around the building, and the imagined circle will be completed with passages leading into the woods. The forest edge and the school will be connected symbolically and, furthermore, the wooded region will also be used to demonstrate the natural science curriculum.

“The inner pulsating area will follow the line of the circle towards the forest, thus providing space for educational gardens, which will form a transition between the artificial and natural forest flora and fauna.”

Photo: www.facebook.com/BORDArchitecturalStudio

There’s going to be a drop off-pick up zone in the parking lot, where parents can pick up their kids quickly without having to use the parking lot. When the students arrive to the school, they’ll have to cross a woody-parkland relax park, which will help their spiritual preparation for the day ahead.

Photo: www.facebook.com/BORDArchitecturalStudio

The school will serve three age groups from kindergarten till high school. The age groups will be separated in different buildings lined up on the circle. The communal areas, administration, the theatre hall and the canteen will be located on the ground-floor, while the classrooms will be placed on the upper floors. The classrooms will be located on the Northern side as pavilions.

Photo: www.facebook.com/BORDArchitecturalStudio

The Hungarian state supports the construction with 2.5 billion forints (~EUR 8.1m) in the frameworks of the Modern Cities Program. 500 students will get the chance to study in the school in English, which is quite beneficial for the international management of companies in the neighbourhood. The education is predicted to start in the autumn of 2019.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/BORDArchitecturalStudio

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Source: https://forbes.hu/

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