At the end of 2013 several prestigious actors of international media, like the CNN and the Guardian have issued publications on the thermal baths of Budapest. France 2, the French public television channel has even produced a separate and exclusive compilation on Budapest. At the beginning of 2014 another new toplist has appeared, and this one was about the five most beautiful swimming pools in the world, said.

The Spanish El Economista,  the second leading economic news website in Spain has presented a new compilation on the five most beautiful swimming pools in the world, among which the swimming pools of Gellért Thermal Bath is mentioned on the first place. The description of the bath writes about Budapest, as one of the most beautiful historic cities, where there are more than 100 wells. It is no coincidence that the most noted baths in the world are located in Budapest. The swimming pool of Gellért Bath has outranked such places as the Umaid Bhawan in India or the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore.

It has been a very good year for the Budapest Spas Plc. Both the number of its visitors, both its revenues have increased, and could spend HUF 1.2 billion on developments from own sources. Following the renewal of Lukács and Rudas Baths, the number of visitors in both historic baths has increased with more than 30%. For further information please visit:

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