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The Hungarian-born American billionaire was given Don Ridenhour Bravery Award this year. During the ceremony, he spoke about the Hungarian government and the Prime Minister.

This was the 16th time that somebody was awarded by The Nation magazine and the Fertel Foundation – Nepszava reported. The namesake of the award, Ron Ridenhour, was a Vietnam veteran revealing the details of the My Lai massacre.

In his speech, the philanthropist billionaire highlighted that he and what he stands for were awarded “at a time when the values of the open society are under attack around the world including the United States.” Thus, he accepted the award in the name of all those brave and committed people he has worked with over the years through the Open Society Foundations. He added that there are people who have the courage to speak out for accountability, justice and human dignity. “Today, many of them are facing concentrated efforts to silence them and to demonize them. Those in power brand them as enemies of the people. They make up
conspiracy theories to discredit their good work.
All because they stand up for human rights, particularly the rights of the most vulnerable.”
George Soros said that in Hungary, the government of PM Viktor Orbán had turned him into the supervillain of an alleged plot to destroy the supposedly Christian identity of the Hungarian nation. He added that even though he does not live in Budapest, the leader of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Márta Pardavi, for example, does. She and many others “have to live with this kind of
vilification and orchestrated hostility
every day because of their work to protect the legal rights of migrants and refugees.”
He mentioned that in Turkey, President Erdogan has been holding captive one of his closest friends, Osman Kavala, who has been one of the greatest supporters of his foundations in the country, since October 2017. According to the Front Line Defenders Group, an NGO, 321 human rights activists were murdered in 2018 worldwide. In fact, 23 of them were killed in Brazil, and among them, there was a local politician, Marielle Franco, who spoke out for the poor communities of Rio de Janeiro. “President Bolsonaro joins
today’s gallery of would-be dictators.
He is a great admirer and imitator of President Trump,” he added.
Finally, he donated the prize money associated with the award to the Hungarian Spectrum, an online English language publication providing daily updates of what happens in Hungarian politics. He said that it exposes what PM Orbán is telling his people to the world; thus, it deserves to be better known and supported. The blog was founded by Éva Balogh S. who is a dissident of 1956 and a retired History professor at Yale University.
Here, you can watch the whole speech:

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  1. Sorfos is a villain, to start with, trying to break the bank of England is not a friendly gesture. Forcing thousands of illegal migrants unto Hungary, a country that cannot afford it, is not considered acceptable.

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