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Get mesmerized by the spectacular view of Budapest from the tower on the Hármashatár Mountain – PHOTO GALLERY

Get mesmerized by the spectacular view of Budapest from the tower on the Hármashatár Mountain – PHOTO GALLERY

Photographer Balázs Béli took a trip recently to the Hármashatár Mountain, near the Hungarian capital city, and, fortunately, he did not leave his camera home. Here you can rest your eyes at the wonderful shots he took when he visited the tower on the mountain.

The tower of the Hármashatár Mountain offers an exceptionally spectacular panorama of Budapest ever since the touristic development program was finished earlier this year, writes

Thus, thanks to the Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt., hikers can not only visit the forest school, the ZöldBázis Tourist Centre and the HangÁr Bistro, but face a wonderful view on Budapest and the Danube from the 4 metre tall tower which was made from pine beams.

The arrival floor of the tower also functions as a resting place, where, for example, participants of the National Blue Trail may take some time to calm down and continue their journey after they regained their strength. 

National Blue Trail

The National Blue Trail is a tour of 1160 km, divided into 27 sections. Participants are collecting stamps along the tour at some of the 149 stamping destinations. The tour can be done based on the hikers’ own sections, according to their own schedules, the important thing is that the starter and the finishing section shall both give stamps in their books. Anyone, regardless of nationality, over the age of 6 can participate in the adventure. More information shall be found on


Further developments related to the Hármashatár Mountain included the reconstruction of the path between the aforementioned Tourist Centre and the tower with the the implementation of the stairs and handrails. No surprise, as Parkerdő aims to make the mountain a real tourist paradise.

So, hopefully now you know where you shall head whenever you feel like going out for a nice trip, while staying close to the capital and still being far away from the noises and crowds. A beautiful scenery is certainly guaranteed on the mountain!

All photos shared in the article are courtesy of Balázs Béli.

Hármashatárhegy lookout tower kiltó
Hármashatárhely view kilátás

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Source: Balázs Béli,

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