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Autumn is officially here as the weather gets colder day by day and nature dresses up into yellowish and brownish clothing. Autumn in Hungary can never happen without the excellent variety of Hungarian wines and the places where everyone can taste them. In this article, we would like to introduce one of the most famous Balaton wines, the Kéknyelű.

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Magyarországom reported that Badacsony is an exceptional place and the most well-known region of Lake Balaton. The view of the mountain, the shore of the lake, and the grape fields and vineyards are part of the true Badacsony feeling everyone is familiar with. This is the home of the excellent wine called the Kéknyelű.

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Kéknyelű is an ancient Hungarian grape type first harvested in the country in the region of Balaton before it was sold to the international market. The name of the grape comes from the colour of its leaf that is usually deep blue with some black colour as well. This is the main ingredient of Badacsony’s number one wine, and because the name of the wine is the same, the Kéknyelű can be eaten or drunk as well. 

Kéknyelű, Laposa, wine, Hungary
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Badacsony harvests the Kéknyelű grape on 30 hectares, which is the largest field for this fruit type in the whole world.

In the old days, Kéknyelű was considered to be and also called the grape of aristocracy as harvesting and taking care of the fruit took many tiring months and preparations. Today’s modern technology has made the procedures easier. In 2013, the wine Kéknyelű was named as a Hungarikum and became one of the most well-known and best-selling wines of Hungary. 

Kéknyelű, wine, Hungary
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The best place to taste this exceptional wine is one of the wine terraces of Lake Balaton. In the linked article below, you can choose from some of the best ones to try one of the most famous wines of Hungary.

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