Letenye, Hungary, photo: MTI

The traffic is still heavy at the Croatian checkpoints, but the waiting time has decreased after the Croatian authorities temporarily ceased the restricted checking on the Croatia-Slovenia and Croatia-Hungary border, the Croatian Car Club (HAK) stated.

The Croatian border guards are doing random, direct checks right now.

According to the forecast of HAK on Sunday, cars wait 30 minutes and buses wait 40 minutes at the checkpoints, on average.

From Friday on, the citizens with the right of free movement must be checked in the European Union both at the entrance and the exit, and the shown documents are searched for in the Schengen Information System (SIS) and Interpol’s database about lost and stolen documents (SLTD) in order to convince the authorities that the given person does not mean any security, public order or public health risk in the EU.

Letenye, Hungary, photo: MTI

The restriction is due not only to the outer borders but to each inner border in the Union where the member states have not agreed upon the abolishment of border checking, and is valid for railway, air and sea borders as well.

The Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs stated on Saturday that the Croatian authorities have applied all the technological resources and manpower, and that they cooperate with their Slovenian and Hungarian colleagues, but they did not manage to decrease the waiting time and traffic bottlenecks at the checkpoints.

Croatia warned Union Minister of Migration Dimitris Avramopulos about the huge traffic jams, with whom they agreed about the temporary cease of restricted checking on the Croatian side.

translated by Gergely Lajtai Szabó

Photo: MTI

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Source: MTI

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