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Offering genuine refreshment there is an unwavering following for gin and cocktails made with gin. Its distinctive aroma profile has inspired many bartenders over the years so today there is an endless variety of cocktails ranging from the simplest to the most extravagant. What’s more, you can enjoy your drink happy in the knowledge that it won’t damage your green credentials.

tanquerayGin is based on a neutral tasting spirit that receives its flavour from the addition of juniper sometimes augmented with other spices, citrus and herbs. The widely popular Tanqueray gin was created by Charles Tanqueray in 1830 who used his own recipe to produce it in his London distillery plant.

The brand has gone from strength to strength and each and every item of the extended portfolio was inspired by the inventor through the 300 or so original recipes. Tanqueray has won numerous awards over the years and in 2018 it was voted the favourite gin of bartenders who have a predilection for using this London Dry type of gin in their cocktails.

In 2018 the Corso Bar of InterContinental® Budapest has come up with a special cocktail selection based on Hungarian inventions.

soda waterOne of the cornerstones of this selection is called Soda Water which is a gin fizz cocktail based on Tanqueray.  One of the main ingredients of this creamy textured drink is soda water and a unique equipment to produce it has just arrived from the Czech Republic.

To achieve the perfect consistency bartenders have to shake the cocktail for several minutes and now the assistance has arrived from the L’Fleur Bar in Prague in the shape of Tanqueray’s rare and precious Champion Shaker machine. This is a copy of the original 1920 limited series model and only the six best bars in the world have the privilege of owning one. From 17 August until the end of the year guests at the Corso Bar can not only taste the cocktail but also take delight in watching the machine in operation.

Vitezslav Cirok the widely acclaimed bartender from the Czech Republic invited to take part in the Live on the Terrace series of events at InterContinental® Budapest. Mr. Cirok not only aims to attain the highest levels in making cocktails but he considers it vital to adhere to the “zero waste” philosophy in his work.

“My goal has always been to come up with something original, something unexpected, to fill glasses with new stories. But I also consider it important to never lose sight of sustainability and to fully utilize all the ingredients used for the cocktails”,

says Vitezslav Cirok whose cocktails prepared at InterContinental® Budapest will contain herbs and spices harvested from the Hotel’s bio garden.

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