Wednesday morning around half past six, a young girl was hit by the Gödöllő HÉV train in Kistarcsa, reports. She did not hear the train whistle because she was listening to music on her headphones.

Firefighters lifted the train off of her, Paramedics were taking care of her the whole time. She was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, Blikk is informed that her legs were so damaged that even the possibility of amputation has arisen.

The teenage girl did not want to be late for the train, probably that is why she put herself in danger and tried to run across the tracks before the train arrived.

Eye witnesses claimed that

The HÉV train was whistling, many people were waving and shouting to attract her attention to the danger, but she did not hear it because of the music, and just walked on.

By the time she realised that the train was near, she tried to jump away, but, because of a birth defect, her legs were faulty and she was unable to do so.

The train tossed the girl for more than 10 meters; she was stuck under the engine. Her mother ran crying to the station when she heard about what happened.

According to Bors, accidents because of headphones have happened before. Earlier a teenage girl was hit by a HÉV train on Mátyásföld, who walked on the tracks, listening to music – she did not survive the tragedy. In Sopron, last year, a man walked stepped before a moving train in a railway passage that was equipped with a barrier as well. He only suffered minor injuries.



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