Budapest, August 26 (MTI) – The government has allocated 30 billion forints (EUR 92m) to cover costs related to the influx of migrants, an economy ministry official said on Wednesday.

State Secretary Peter Beno Banai told an informal roundtable discussion that fully 6.5 billion forints has been provided for the construction of the fence along the Hungarian-Serbian border and 22.2 billion distributed among the police, border protection, prison authorities and the National Immigration Office.

The prime minister’s office and the ministry of human resources have also received funds from the allocation.

Photo: MTI


  1. The U.N. is dictating to countries what and how to deal with these so-called asylum seekers. An easy fix which will not tax the countries, is to put them all on trains headed to Belgium, the U.N.’s headquarters and to let them deal with the problem directly. No need to house, clothes or feed, no camps to build or police.

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