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Budapest, July 1 (MTI) – Hungarian government criticism of European Union institutions does not reflect an anti-EU stance, government spokesman Zoltán Kovács said on Friday.

“Just because we criticise the European institutional system does not mean that we are anti-EU. We would actually like to see Europe heading in the right direction and becoming strong,” Kovács told public news channel M1.

He said this would be possible based on compromise with member states rather than Brussels diktats from the outset.

Kovács commented on opposition responses to remarks by head of the government office, János Lázár, who told a government news briefing yesterday that his support for Hungary’s EU membership was no longer full-hearted following the British vote in favour of leaving the bloc. In response, opposition parties called on Lázár to quit in light of his comments casting doubt on Hungary’s future EU membership.

Kovács said: “One can react hysterically to remarks instead of looking at the real message and their reasons…” Brexit resulted from the bad migration policies of Brussels as well as its differences on many economic and other issues with the British public, he added.

He told public radio Kossuth the opposition’s claim that Hungary was planning a similar move was “silly”.


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