Budapest, August 12 (MTI) – Government office chief Janos Lazar has said a double barrier is needed along the entire, 177km-long Hungary-Serbia border.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, Lazar said that temporary dual barriers currently at points along the border should be extended to cover the whole length of the border, even though relatively few attempts have been made to cut through the fence.

The government has also decided to place temporary refugee reception centres away from residential areas.

Lazar said Prime Minister Viktor Orban had asked the interior minister to continually consult local governments, residents and civil organisations on updates regarding the reception centres. He said that residents in the border areas encounter obvious signs of human smuggling on a daily basis, such as illegal migrants carrying unusually large amounts of cash, which the government office chief said was “obviously used for corruption”.

He reiterated that the temporary border closure is a move against illegal migrants and human smugglers as opposed to political refugees.

Photo: MTI


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