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Budapest, January 5 (MTI) – The government has allocated 480 million forints (EUR 1.5m) for continuing a programme to screen Hungarian women for cervical cancer this year, according to a decree published in the government gazette Magyar Kozlony on Tuesday.

The number of new cervical cancer cases diagnosed in Hungary each year is about 1,000-1,200 and the number of related deaths is around 500, data published by the Malyvavirag Foundation, which represents patients, show.

A European Union sponsored pilot programme ensuring cervical cancer screening by district nurses was launched by the state health safety authority (ANTSZ) in 2013. It served to ensure screening to women near their residence free of charge. Under the programme that was concluded in October last year, a total of 54,000 women had been screened and 1,600 of them tested positive for a tumour.

Now the government had decided to continue the programme across Hungary with the help of district nurses qualified to conduct the screening.

An awareness programme to tie in with the 10th European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week will be held in Budapest between January 24-30, the Malyvavirag foundation said on its website.


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