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The government has posted its “national consultation” questionnaire on the “Soros plan” on its official Facebook page.

Voters have until Nov. 24 to respond to the survey’s seven questions.

The first question asks voters whether they support US financier George Soros “convincing Brussels to relocate at least one million migrants a year from Africa and the Middle East to the European Union’s territory”.

The second question asks the public if they think EU member states, including Hungary, should dismantle their border fences and open their borders to migrants.

In the third section of the survey, voters are asked to give their opinion on Brussels’ mandatory migrant relocation scheme.

The fourth question asks voters if they agree with member states being required to provide migrants with 9 million forints’ (EUR 29,000) worth of financial aid over their first two years living in the EU.

In section five, voters can comment on Soros’ proposal for migrants to be shown leniency when it comes to punishment for criminal activity.

The sixth section asks voters if they support the watering down of European languages and culture in the interests of speeding up the integration of illegal migrants.

In the final section, voters are asked if they support political attacks against and penalising countries that oppose immigration.

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Source: MTI

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