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Daily News Hungary

Hungary is in a position to go from strength to strength in 2018, a government official told a news conference on Sunday.

Csaba Dömötör, parliamentary state secretary of the prime minister’s office, said the new year would see a rise in the minimum wage, expanded support for families and declining taxes, while the value of pension payments would grow and more money would be ploughed into defence.

“The government’s intention is that Hungary should be a country that, on the whole, everyone can be proud of, since it is capable of defending itself and supporting families while prizing work,” he said.

He said the basic minimum wage would be worth 88 percent more next year compared with 2010 and the minimum wage for skilled employees will have doubled.

Dömötör also noted government promises to the raise wages of employees in law enforcement, higher education and state-run companies.

Source: MTI

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