Budapest (MTI) – Reforms in Hungary’s drugs fund saved over 10 billion forints (EUR 32.2m) for patients since 2011, with price cuts on 760 drugs in the past two years, human resources ministry state secretary Bence Retvári said on Saturday.

The government has focused on reducing patients’ spending on drugs ever since 2010 and, due to the measures introduced, burdens decreased annually, he told MTI.

Contrary to the period preceding 2010, when the sector was characterised by a business approach, the government in office gives priority to the interests of members of the public, he said.

In 2014, prices were cut by 9.7 percent for 311 products, followed by another 9.7 percent cut for 390 products in 2015, while the latest price in April this year averaged at 13.6 percent and affected 59 drugs.

The government introduced a “blind bidding” system in 2011 which involves drugmakers competing with each other, without knowing each other’s prices, in offering alternative drugs with the same effect, as recognised by the Hungarian pharmaceutical authority.


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