The waiting time in Hungarian local practitioners’ offices can be dramatically reduced also in the mid-term, and definitely in the long run, thanks to the Electronic Healthcare Space (EESZT), said Gergely Vartus, the commissioner responsible for the coordination of e-health on Monday, reports.

Gergely Vartus explained that

every step will happen electronically in the new system, starting from the prescription to the redeeming of the recipe.

However, until the end of 2018, patients will receive the traditional paper-based recipes as well. After that, a printed copy of the recipe can be requested, he added.

According to Gergely Vartus, when the system was introduced on the 1st of November, there were minor disruptions, but it did not cause downtime neither in patient care nor in the selling of medicine.

One of the causes of this might have been that hospitals have their own electric systems which they were unwilling to renew or change when introducing the new system.

Some joined easily, others did not – he said, adding that the solving of the problems is in progress, or is completely done by now.

The EESZT or Electronic Healthcare Space is a platform of communication linking the institutions and providers of the health sector. It is an e-health system providing more secure and convenient treatment for patients using cloud communication technology to connect hospitals, general practitioners, and pharmacies, says


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