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Billboard campaign initiated by Government against the so called Soros-plan, i.e. helping migrants to come and settle down in Europe.

“The events of recent days have made it crystal clear that George Soros is not prepared to accept the result of the Hungary parliamentary election”, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács told reporters in Budapest on Tuesday.

The Government Spokesperson stressed that George Soros is continuing the negotiations aimed at calling into question the outcome of the Hungarian election and collecting allies against the democratically elected Hungarian Government and majority. As an example, he mentioned the fact that on Monday the billionaire met with Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, who in Mr Kovács’s opinion holds negotiations with George Soros and his organisations much more often than with true civil society organisations.

“It is totally obvious that Timmermans is one of Soros’s people”, the Government Spokesperson declared, highlighting the fact that the Vice President of the European Commission is committed to practicing pro-immigration politics aimed at breaking Hungary and other countries that are resisting pro-immigration policies.

He stressed that the activities of the Soros empire include the fact that

in recent days George Soros’s son, purportedly in the name of democracy, has urged people in Hungary to hold protests against democracy and against the results of the democratic elections.

“Based on this, it is absolutely obvious what we can count on from representatives and organisations of the Soros empire: they will try to break Hungary and attempt to make the country give up its anti-immigration standpoint, and force onto it a permanent distribution mechanism that would force tens of thousands of immigrants onto member states. This solution was prepared by EU institutions last June via the so-called Dublin IV reforms”, he said.

“However, the Hungarian Government totally rejects this and will be resisting it using all possible means in view of the fact that at last week’s elections it received a mandate from the people of Hungary that cannot be called into question either within the European Union or by NGOs”, he stressed. “The election clearly defined the path along which Hungary must travel in the fight against migration, Mr. Kovács confirmed.

The Government Spokesperson also pointed out that

last week the LIBE committee adopted the draft report that will be attempting to condemn Hungary in the European Parliament using trumped-up charges in the interests of breaking Hungary’s anti-immigration stance.

In reply to a question, Mr. Kovács said the fact that the members of the European Commission has received George Soros in the manner reserved for democratically elected heads of government and state leaders on several occasions in recent years was extremely telling, and that these meeting are held are only seemingly public because we know nothing of what was stated during these talks. “However, the results of these negotiations are regularly mirrored in certain reports and in documents that are aimed at condemning Hungary”, the Government Spokesperson explained, noting that the Hungarian Government is continuously calling on the members of the Commission to make public the true content of these conversation.


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