Budapest (MTI) – “Hungary is now a protected country”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a press conference and insisted that his government has “fulfilled its obligations to the Hungarian people”.

Speaking on the sidelines of an event in Nyiregyhaza, in the northeast, Orban said that “many countries in Europe would now be glad to swap with Hungary” which had early on “realised the nature and magnitude of illegal immigration”.

Unlike other countries in the EU, Hungary has security systems in place which prevent illegal entry, Orban said. Referring to the “suffering and problems of government” in several countries in the Balkans, he said that Hungary would provide all assistance to “all good neighbours whose first moves are other than kicking, insulting or attacking us and are willing to cooperate”.

Slovenia is a country we are glad to cooperate with; the Slovenes have never attacked or criticised Hungary for economic policy or security measures, Orban said.

“The least we can do is to support their measures,” Orban said.

Earlier in the day, Slovenia announced that if necessary, it would erect a fence along its border with Croatia to stem the influx of immigrants.

Photo: MTI


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  1. The only politician who had the courage to act – was isolated by the trendy, politically correct, namby pamby delusional fools. First the Visgrad countries accepted he was correct and now slowly the rest begin to wake up to the horror of this uncontrolled immigration of culturally different people camped in their countries.

    Still the press do not report in Germany etc what the ordinary citizen thinks and still maintain the delusion that every one is happy to have these people in their country.

    UK Sky News yesterday interviewed immigrants in a hostel in London and a Syrian said that over 40% are from other countries. Another man admitted to being Iranian and said that he had lied to the authorities.

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