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Baja, 2018. december 6. Összeroncsolódott terepjáró mellett dolgoznak tûzoltók a Baja és Pörböly között 2018. december 6-án, miután a jármû személyvonattal ütközött. Az autóban ketten megsérültek, a vonaton senki nem sérült meg. MTI/MTI Fotószerkesztõség/Donka Ferenc

Although you may not like having to pay for it, when you’re involved in an accident and have car insurance, you’ll be glad you went through the rigmarole of getting it. 

One thing’s for sure though, it shouldn’t cost you the world to protect your finances and car when an accident occurs. When it comes to saving money on car insurance though, you need to know the right way to go about it.

In the following post, we’ll look at five great tips that could help you save money on your new car insurance policy.

  1. Shop Around, Comparing and contrasting Insurance Quotes

By far the most common and biggest mistake many car owners make when buying car insurance is just picking the first policy from the first company they come across. This, more than often, leads to them paying more than they really should be, compared to if they had bothered looking at a wide range of offerings and comparing and contrasting them.

As there are a limited number of industry standards and most companies measure the risk in various differing ways. It’s not only important to check and compare insurance prices when you need it, you should always check, every year or so that your policy is as good as it could be.

  1. Search for Discounts

If you look hard enough, you can find discounts off your car insurance. It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that most companies don’t, with good reason, advertise their discounts widely.

You need to ask companies directly about the various discounts, as they are unlikely to come out and let you know if you’re entitled to them or not.

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  1. Get a Bundle

By far the easiest way to save money on your insurance is to get car insurance from the same company you get your home insurance and other policies. Most insurers will offer discounts to any of their customers who apply for multiple policies from them. The main reason they do this though is to stop their customers from shopping around. However, don’t fall for this trap. Always compare and contrast, as noted further up the page.

If you travel a lot you may be able to bundle your car insurance together with your travel insurance. It’s important to have insurance as it protects you while you are holidaying and provides you with cover for any accidents or injuries you incur. Car insurance from is easy to apply for and includes some choice features such as personal accident cover, personal belongings cover and unlimited windscreen, fire and theft cover along with their comprehensive car insurance.

  1. Drive Your Car Less

Low-mileage discounts are one of the most overlooked discounts available to car insurance customers. As the insurance rates are worked out in relation to how likely it is for you to be involved in an accident, it makes sense that you could save money by driving less.

Consider walking places, using a bike or even public transport. If you can do this, you will be able to show your insurer that you are committed to driving less and therefore deserve to benefit from a reduction in your rate.

  1. Work Hard on Your Credit Score

Insurers use a lot of information to base their decision on how expensive or affordable your interest rate should be and that includes your credit score. If you have a poor credit score, you will be charged at a higher rate for your insurance.

By working hard on your credit score – paying off bills in a timely manner, avoiding defaults on existing payment schemes and just keeping your finances in the black rather than the red, you should find that the cost of your insurance is reduced.

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