Budapest, May 2 (MTI) – The EU is in need of a common system for protecting external borders to manage the migrant crisis, Rebecca Harms, co-head of the Greens group in the European Parliament, said in Szeged, in southern Hungary, on Monday.

green-harmThe EU’s border police should patrol the bloc’s external borders according to the same set of rules, Harms told a press conference after inspecting the transit zones set up near the border towns of Roszke and Tompa. She said the EU should enable refugees fleeing war zones to legally enter the EU and submit asylum requests.

Harms described the conditions near the transit zones, on the Serbian side of the border fence as “unbearable” and said it was unacceptable that asylum-seekers — some of them travelling with sick children — should have to wait for weeks in the open air before submitting their asylum applications.

She said the explanation Hungarian authorities had given for the slow process was that it was the only way they could combat people smuggling. But Harms argued that people smugglers were also active around the transit zones. She said it was often the criminals who decided which refugees could enter the transit zones and who among them would have to enter the EU illegally.

Dialogue for Hungary MEP Benedek Jávor said the refugees who submit their asylum applications at transit zones are eventually placed in reception centres. Information from authorities indicates, however, that 95 percent of them continue their journey toward Austria or Germany, he added.

Jávor insisted that the government was lying when it said that the asylum procedures need to be carried out the way they are to ensure Europe’s protection. He said the Hungarian state first makes it harder for refugees fleeing the Syrian, Iraqi or Afghan civil wars to enter the EU and then lets them go. This is the worst possible solution from both a humanitarian and security point of view, Jávor insisted. He said the situation on the border was a direct consequence of the government’s failure to adequately adjust the asylum procedure to the number of entrants.

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  1. Comment on Rebecca Harms, When is enough enough?. Neither Hungary or the EU can be held responsible for the number of migrants, mostly economic trying to pour into the EEC. Just who is going to pay for the housing, social care, hospitals and schools to accommodate what has been claimed by Michael Gove MP of 88 million migrants wanting access to the EU ?
    This is passing comment without thinking through the affect it will have on societys forced to take in people they don’t want, they firmly believe they have some sort of magic wand to wave and it will be all right. If we forget about the costs for a moment what affect will this forced migration have on the local population , a mosque on every street corner together one hundred Sharia law centres because they ignore the laws of the land . What about local culture, I believe the locals must have a referendum to say whether or not they want migrants.

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