source: reported that a group of Hungarian youngsters were arrested, who occupied a Russian oligarch’s, Andrey Goncharenko’s empty London property, and made it into a homeless shelter. But what is the whole story behind?

The flag of the Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians (source:

The youngsters, who call themselves Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians, told that they climbed into the building through the open windows and they sheltered 25 homeless there who had been sleeping around the Victoria railway station. According to Tom Fox, member of the group, it was a crime to let so many people sleep in the streets while many buildings were standing empty. reported in a previous article that there might be around 200,000 buildings standing empty at least for half a year.

Andrey Goncharenko’s mason (source:

The youngsters installed a projector, so that they could organise movie nights, they were collecting portable cookers to prepare food for the homeless, and they even opened a free shop to cloth them. One of the homeless people sleeping with her daughter at the Victoria station told The Guardian that they were delighted to have been offered a shelter in the building, because Westminster’s council was planning to send the homeless out of the capital, so there was not much provision for them.

The interior after the occupation. source:

When Goncharenko found out what was going on in his mason, he sought a possession order in the court via the representation of a company based in Gibraltar.

The property was built by the Goncharenko family and has been the home of the Spanish cultural centre Instituto Cervantes up to now. Goncharenko has purchased many masons in the recent three years, including Hanover Lodge, in Regent’s Park for £120m.

Police arriving at the property (source:

But who is Andrey Goncharenko? He is said to be the chief executive of a subsidiary of Gazprom, one of the largest gas companies. According to a gossip, as The Guardian wrote, in 2011, he hosted a lavish party in South France which is said to be the favourite destination of the wealthiest of Moscow. also notes that this was not the first action of Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians, and it has not been the last one, either. They are now about to occupy a property of £25m, once belonging to Augustus Pitt Rivers archaeologist.

How the occupants see the situation?

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