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In a recent, scathing opinion piece, the Guardian columnist Owen Jones calls for the European Union to kick Hungary out for “making a mockery of ‘EU values’”. The criminalisation of NGOs, a recent homophobic scandal and the moving of Open Society Foundations to Berlin from Budapest are among the alarming signs and consequences of the country’s further descent into authoritarianism, he writes.

Jones warns against Hungary’s swift evolution into “an authoritarian nightmare”, where basic democratic norms and human rights are casually breached, a pattern that Europe “cannot afford to ignore”.

He identifies the recently passed “Stop Soros” law as the latest step towards realising Orbán’s famous visions of an “illiberal democracy”. The law passed makes any assistance to asylum-seekers virtually impossible, as it criminalises any activity that can be described as helping refugees. Further, it introduces a 25% tax on any NGOs that “support migration”.

In other words, NGOs that have anything positive to say about immigrants will be practically fined.

demonstration NGO parliament
NGOs protest the law criminalising any activity that helps refugees in front of the Parliament. Photo: MTI / Mohai Balázs

He then adds how Orbán’s anti-Soros campaigns drove out Open Society Foundations from Budapest due to “an increasingly repressive political and legal environment”, and mentions the controversy around Central European University, which may also have to leave Hungary due to legal and political hostility.  According to Jones,

“The state media promotes pro-government propaganda and smears the opposition; pro-government media is buying up independent publications; media outlets that are opposed to or critical of Orbán are under growing pressure.”

Jones also recalls a recent scandal involving the Hungarian State Opera, where the musical Billy Elliot was cancelled after a pro-government online paper published an op-ed that claimed it is “homosexual propaganda” that will “turn Hungarian boys into homosexuals” (despite the fact that the only gay character has been cut from the Hungarian state production).

Jones bemoans the fact that all of this is happening with the silent compliance of the European Union, with Orbán’s Fidesz party remaining a member of the European People’s Party, none of whom have reprimanded Hungary. He calls for the activation of article 7 of the Lisbon treaty which demands that “all EU countries respect the values of the EU”, and also refers to the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee which found 12 breaches in Hungary.

Jones concludes by saying that amidst Brexit or the new Eurosceptic Italian government, the EU’s

 “acceptance of its own member states succumbing to authoritarianism may prove its greatest existential threat of all.”

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  1. @Guardian, or better @Owen Jones of the Jones’s, LOL!!
    What good would it do for the EU to kick Hungary out, the protector of Europe.? Oh! I forgot, you’re a LibTerd from the U.K. that is currently annexing itself from the EU. So what the F! does your opinion matter or even count in the EU?! F.O. and try to fix your own F’ed country, oh, right! Everything is Kosher in the UK right?! I mean everything is HALALALALALALALALAL in your country, right?! LOL!! ALLAH AKBAR OWEN! LOL!!

  2. I believe OWE-n loves giving everything over to the left wing nut jobs, his pinko self included.

  3. I’m from the UK, travel round Europe for work, and much admire Hungary. Not just the country, but Orbán and the people who voted for him. As I see it you are one of the few countries protecting its people from Islam. The UK is in trouble, we have a muslim mayor of London, a cowardy and infested media (The Guardian 50% owned by a Saudi price I understand), and a rapidly expanding muslim polulation. It’s pretty much illegal to criticise Islam in public. It’s only going to end badly for the UK. Own Jones is a tosser, and The Guardian laughable. Stay strong Hungary, don’t fall as we have fallen.

  4. If Hungary is kicked out then Portugal should also be , as the country does not respect many EU rules

  5. I am from the USA, and many of us admire Orban. He has taken a stand that has been long overdue in our country. Soros and the Open Society, Bill and Melinda Gates, and now Black Lives Matter are constantly attacking our history, revising it, and tearing it down. Everything is being Re-Defined. The blacks, that we were getting along fine with back in March, are now brainwashed into the ideas USA means racism, History means Racism. So these new definitions cannot allow the unity and pride of the country’s citizens. Whites cannot go to a small business with black customers for fear of being attacked. Our culture has been systematically destroyed, while we are told night and day that being white makes a person “systemically racist.” No evidence needed. BLM is run by admitted trained Marxists. We are bending to these outside terrorists trying to appease. Makes me sick. More power to Orban!

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