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Pozsony, 2018. március 9. Mindannyian Janért jelentésû felirat egy pozsonyi kormányellenes tüntetésen 2018. március 9-én. A tüntetõk Ján Kuciak szlovák tényfeltáró újságíró és élettársa, Martina Kusnirová meggyilkolásának alapos kivizsgálását és a kormány átalakítását követelik. (MTI/AP/Ronald Zak)

Ferenc Gyurcsány has slammed Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister, for connecting George Soros to events in Slovakia in which a Slovak journalist and his fiancee were murdered.

Referring to the US financier, Orbán said in a television interview that “Soros’s network is doing everything it can to topple anti-immigration governments”.

Gyurcsány, the leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), told a press conference on Monday that Orbán should have simply expressed his condolences to the families of the victims.

The DK leader also dismissed Orbán’s claims that certain benefits would be unaffordable if Hungary had to financially support migrants in the event of the opposition winning the April 8 general election.

“Orbán wants us to be afraid,” Gyurcsány said. “But our real fear should be a situation developing in Hungary similar to the ones in Slovakia and Russia.”

Meanwhile, Gyurcsány said the opposition LMP party had not yet responded to DK’s offer to coordinate in individual constituencies.

The ruling party said in a statement that Gyurcsány had “rushed” to the defence of Soros, adding that “Soros and his network” were taking every available opportunity to topple governments that oppose the settlement of migrants and their distribution based on a quota.

featured image: MTI/AP/Ronald Zak

Source: MTI

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