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The thermal bath of Makó is obviously the most monumental work of the architect Imre Makovecz, according to termalfurdo.hu. This splendid organic building is awaiting guests with 18 pools and an exclusive sauna world. The water park of Hagymatikum was recently qualified with five stars, while its thermal bath with four stars.

The baths of Makó was one of those ten Hungarian institutions that received the national certification mark at the general assembly of the Hungarian Spa Association in May. The water park providing carefree recreation for the whole family got five stars, while the thermal bath received four stars.

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Unique combination: medicinal waters and medicinal mud

The Hagymatikum Thermal Bath celebrating its 5th birthday this year provides relief for people seeking recovery with the power of the medicinal waters of Makó and the medicinal mud of Maros. The mud of Maros can oficially use the qualification medicinal mud since 1961; it is recommended in case of locomotor or rheumatic diseases – just like Makó’s alkaline bicarbonate medicinal waters of 41 degrees.

Hagymatikum from the inside
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Spa doctors also help the recovery, while the wonderful wellness department provides the experience of recreation for families and friends.

Weekends are usually coloured with several discounts, various programs and stars. The Hagymanó department for kids provides programs for the smallest ones.

Hagymanó department for the smallest ones
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Sauna seances every day

Eight different saunas and a steam bath are awaiting guests in one of Hungary’s biggest sauna parks in Makó. In addition to the ordinary Finnish, infrared, light and aroma saunas, guests can find real specialities such as medicinal herb, Makó, lowlander and kelo saunas. Sauna masters make every day of the week special with their seances, where the recreation is provided by various pouring and fanning techniques.

Incredible sauna experience
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From May to September, guests can use the outdoor pools and slides as well.

Outdoor section of Hagymatikum
Source: Makói Hagymatikum Fürdő facebook

Some development will also take place in the near future, which will enlarge the spa with further pools, a family zone and a restaurant section.

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