Pécs, 2016. december 18. A befagyott Malomvölgyi-tó a Baranya megyei Keszü közelében 2016. december 18-án. MTI Fotó: Sóki Tamás

Budapest, December 22 (MTI) – Hungarians see climate change as a genuine problem, but only half of them consider it an immediate risk, Áron Hidvégi, analyst at pollster Századvég, said on Thursday, citing a recent survey by the pollster.

Half of the survey’s respondents said climate change was only going to be a concern over the next 50 years, Hidvégi told public news channel M1. Given that climate change does not affect people’s “everyday routine”, they tend not to worry about it too much, he said.

Fully 90 percent of respondents said climate change is a problem that affects the whole of society, and respondents living in the countryside said they could already feel its effects.

Altogether three-quarters of the survey’s respondents said climate change was irreversible, while 20 percent said it could be stopped and even reversed.

Fully 43 percent said the responsibility of fighting climate change should rest on the shoulders of the state, 27 percent said it should lie with the business sector while 18 percent said the fight should be spearheaded by households.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI/Századvég

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