Napi.hu reports that Hungarians are more optimistic about economic matters than in the past, which is proven by recent statistical data, too. The international report of Intrum analysing data between 2015 and 2017 discovered that in Hungary the number of people whose financial situation significantly improved went up two and a half times and that more people were able to finance more substantial expenditures without turning to loans. Check out the latest results in more detail.

Intrum, Europe’s leading Credit Management Services group, sets up its consumer payment report every year. In the latest research, they evaluated the data obtained between 2015 and 2017 and discovered some significant improvement related to Hungary. While in 2015, 15% of Hungarians said that their financial situation became more stable, in 2017, the number of Hungarians optimistic about their financial matters went up to 37%. It might be difficult to decide what it exactly means without comparing the results to the total European average. In 2015, 26% of European people reported an improvement in the economy while in 2017, 38% of the respondents talked about a more promising situation.

This also means that in 2017, there were hardly any discrepancies between the European average and the result of Hungary. Good news to us.

Statistics also show that in 2015, only 27% of Hungarians believed that there is a reasonable chance to substantially improve their economic situation while in 2017, 43% of the respondents felt that it is a realistic aim to achieve.

Furthermore, Hungarians also pay more attention to paying their bills on time compared to the poor results in 2015 when only every third person thought it prominent. 2017 showed an improvement in this respect, too, since 49% of the participants regarded now this matter important.

The improved financial stability is also shown by the fact that in Hungary, more people can finance greater expenditures without bank loans.

As the report of Intrum pointed out, it does not cause a problem to 42% of the population to spend even half of their montly revenues on greater expenditures.

In addition to this, the number of people who can put some money aside also increased during the examined period. The further great news is that Hungary does not lag behind the European average so much since 52% of them reported that they could save some money every month compared to the 57% of the continent’s average.

Check out the charts related to Hungarian economy!

Hungary statistics finance money

If you are interested in the results of further participant countries, you can read the paper in its full length here.

Source: napi.hu; intrum.com

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