Budapest, November 21 (MTI) – Dutch MEP Hans van Baalen was chosen as the new chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) at the closing day of the alliance’s Budapest congress on Saturday.

Download (15)ALDE’s new leader told a news conference that he prayed for a liberal Hungary, as the country had always been in the vanguard of liberalism.

In connection with the migration crisis, van Baalen said that the external borders of the European Union must be protected, otherwise the Schengen system would no longer work and neither would the situation be manageable.

Gabor Fodor, head of Hungary’s Liberal Party, said that their political community was “influential and important” given that out of 28 EU member states, seven of them are run by liberal politicians, and ALDE is the third force in the European Parliament.

“The reason the European liberals came to Budapest is that the Hungarian prime minister has announced the building of an illiberal state here. The most important political message of the Budapest congress is to say ‘no’ to an illiberal state and put our faith in freedom, a market economy and the norms of a rule-governed state,” Fodor added.

Photo: MTI


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