“You are a wizard, Harry.” This is the moment young Harry Potter finds out that he is a magician and heads to Hogwarts where he meets Ron and Hermione, his best friends. If you did not receive a letter from an owl saying you got into the world’s most famous wizard school, do not worry, because Budapest can offer the same experience. 

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Sóbors reported that the first Harry Potter Café in Budapest, located in Óbuda, offers everything a true Harry Potter fan needs and dreams of. When you enter the café, you will find people sitting in the Gryffindor uniform. While drinking a cup of coffee, you can observe many objects from the world-famous books and movies. 

Repülő Seprű (Flying Broom) is decorated with countless objects from Harry Potter: clothes, newspapers, dragons, owls, the magic wand of Dumbledore, and many more. 

Harry Potter, café, Budapest, Hungary
Photo: www.facebook.com/repulosepru
Harry Potter, Budapest, café, Hungary
Photo: www.facebook.com/repulosepru

The café is the perfect place for children and adults as well because, besides ordering some coffee, you can also try out different kinds of activities, such as making a magic wand or trying out quidditch. Besides these, you can do quizzes and play board games, which makes the café even more joyful. 

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Even the foods and drinks on the menu were inspired by Harry Potter, as all of them have a name from the book. The café also serves main courses and desserts. All of them come at a reasonable price, ranging from 500 HUF to 2000 HUF (1-5 EUR). 

Harry Potter, Hungary, Budapest, café
Photo: www.facebook.com/repulosepru
Harry Potter, Budapest, Hungary, café
Photo: www.facebook.com/repulosepru

Other important things about the café

  • At the moment, for a short period of time, it is only open from Thursday to Sunday between 12 pm and 9 pm. 
  • You can only pay with cash until the café gets its bank terminal to allow paying by credit card.
  • It is advisable to reserve a table in advance.

Featured image: www.facebook.com/harrypottermovie

Source: www.sobors.hu

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