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Yesterday the Hungarian and Hollywood Film Industry was shocked by the news of Andy Vajna’s death who has passed away after a long illness in his Budapest home.

Hungarian film producer and media mogul Andy Vajna dies

Blikk has revealed some details about yesterday. They reported that Andy Vajna was found at his home next to his bed on Sunday morning. Her wife Tímea Vajna immediately got on a plane to fly back to Budapest. At the time of the tragedy, she was in Colorado, United States.

Blikk also got the information that Andy Vajna had dinner with his friends and colleagues on Saturday where he had a great time, and there was no sign that any kind of tragedy would happen to him.

The Hungarian film producer and media mogul lived in a mansion in Rózsadomb which is the most expensive part of the Hungarian capital city.

Allegedly the sudden tragedy happened at Sunday night or dawn because he did not appear to have his usual breakfast in the morning. One of his janitors went up to his bedroom where he found Vajna lying next to his bed. He immediately performed CPR on him, but unfortunately, it was too late to save his life.

One Hungarian woman, who lives in the neighbourhood, reported that:

“I saw Andy’s young brother-in-law and Tímea’s sister arriving at the mansion around 12 am. They seemed desperate and sad because they are the closest relatives of Andy Vajna. I saw them often at Vajnas, last time at Christmas with Tímea and her parents. They also love animals, and someone needs to take care of them until the widow arrives back home.”

Eszter Hámori, who is a Hungarian actress and publicist, also shared some thoughts on Vajna’s death. Reportedly they were very close to each other.

“I still cannot believe it. I talked to him on Friday, and he was fine. Although he was tired, he did not know the reason why. We agreed that it is probably because of the weather. We discussed a lot of topics, and he also showed me Tímea’s latest Instagram posts with great enthusiasm and was thrilled about the latest movie about Freddie Mercury. I asked him about his health because I heard some bad news from another friend of ours. He told me that not so long ago he went to a hospital because of sudden dizziness, but he is fine. I feel sorry for him. He had many new plans and projects and even wanted to establish his own radio station. It never occurred to me that it is his last day.”

Latest news: Tímea Vajna shared a post on her official Instagram account

“I have not realised yet that I can no longer hold you in my arms. My dearest Andy! You gave me so much love and goodness and now you suddenly left me. Angels are watching over you in heaven and taking care of your dreams! I will miss you so much! I love you!”

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The death of Andy Vajna spread across the world. In the United States, many iconic Hollywood actors commemorated him on social media sites like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas, and Sylvester Stalone.

May he rest in peace

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  1. Bearing in Mind that “Life at the Top” in Hollywoood being the most-cut-throat Business in the USA…with Everyone in a Position of Andy Vajna being in continual Litigation about “Breach of Contract”. “Racial Discrimination” “Sexual Misconduct”…name it…whenever you see a Pic of Andy V, he’s always smiling…not only that…whenever you see a Pic of him with Others…they’re always smiling too.

    In this Regard, he reminds me of my Countryman, golf’s Arnold Palmer.

    On the Day of Arnie’s Funeral, it was pouring Rain…but when the Service started…the Rain stopped,the Skies Cleared…the Sun came out & a Rainbow appeared…& you have to ask Yourself…How did he do That?

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