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Zsolt Orosvári, a Hungarian man, has gathered enough money to donate two Hungarian children’s hospitals 40 beds. Although the beds were received, the hospitals do not use them, even if that means that the parents of children in the hospital still have to sleep on the floor for a while.

A Hungarian volunteer, Zsolt Orosvári collected 5 million Forints (15,750 Euros), wrote Hungarian site The man gathered this amount of money as part of his ‘Bed for mothers’ action, with the purpose of buying beds for hospitals so that the mothers can sleep next to their kids.

Three hundred beds were bought from the 5 million Forints and were given to 30 children’s hospitals across the country.

Two institutions – Heim Pál Children’s Hospital and Debrecen Children Clinic – got 20 beds by each in January. Unfortunately, none of the beds was used yet.

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The great question is: where are the beds? And if the hospitals have them, why do they not put them into the sleeping rooms?

Neither the philanthropist, nor the journalists did receive any official answers in the topic yet, but Orosvári told that soon he is going to the hospitals to get the answer.

Parents even complained at Orosvári’s Facebook page that they only could sleep on dirty mattresses in the hospital for 4500 Forint (14.17 Euros) a night, which is awful because a Hungarian ombudsman already declared that parents should never pay for sleeping beside their children in a hospital.

It is not the first case that somebody tries to provide Hungarian hospitals with some useful equipment. Ruby Rose, Australian actress, donated duvets and toys to Heim Pál Children’s Hospital last December.

Australian actress Ruby Rose gave 150 medical duvets and toys to Heim Pál hospital


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