Ruby Rose

After experiencing the Hungarian healthcare system first hand and talking to local hospitals about the best way to help while I am here… I was given a list of the things they needed most” – she wrote on her Instagram.

Ruby Rose read about the issues the Hungarian hospitals struggle with

As we already reported, she had to visit the Hospital of Uzsok due to a nasty silicone plug. However, she was horrified by the circumstances there: she

compared the restrooms to the scenes of a horror movie

and prayed her Tetanus vaccination was up-to-date.  After her traumatic experiences there, Ruby investigated the situation of the Hungarian healthcare, read about the insurances and the lack of physicians as well as the young doctors leaving the country and, not surprisingly, she was terrified.

Since she wanted to help, she asked her 13 million followers to contact her with their ideas if they have any. They had.

She wrote in one of her Insta-stories that she got a list of the things Heim Pál Children’s Hospital needed most – writes. “Things like duvets, chairs, paper towel dispensers, paper bed covers the list goes on…” – she added. Therefore, she donated on Friday

150 medical duvets for Heim Pál Children’s Hospital.

Furthermore, since it is not fun for children to spend Christmas in a hospital, she also bought some toys. Now she encourages anyone who can afford to do the same thing.

Ruby Rose
The toys she gave to the children.

To be continued

In fact, she was helped by a Hungarian Instagram-celeb, Angela Zillich, who also collects charity for the hospital at present. Angela said to Index that they worked together on the shooting of the actress’s new movie in Hungary. After seeing Ruby’s post about the devastated state of the Hungarian healthcare system, she published a video message through which she got in touch with the Australian actress.

According to Ms Zillich,

there will be some further surprises in January

she already works on. Moreover, she is now conducting a charity campaign to be able to buy all the other things on the list Ruby was given before.

Ruby Rose previously played in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and the film The Meg. She became the first LGBTQ hero of the DC Universe, although it was not always so easy for her to openly admit her sexual orientation. Hopefully, Ruby enjoys her stay in Hungary, apart from her bad experiences in the hospital. Many stars visited Budapest before her this year, among others, Chuck Norris. Check out who else visited the capital in the last few years here.


Source:, Daily News Hungary

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