Based on an extensive research done in 28 countries altogether, Hungarians are among the most pessimists concerning future. As Napi.hu reports, the national health care system represents one of the most significant problems for Hungarians.

According to Ipsos’ recent research from last month, a bit more than half of the population of all 28 participating countries, 56 pc have the opinion that things are not exactly going as they should. The countries that are most anxious and pessimistic about the future are Brasil (85 pc), Peru (78 pc), South-Africa (76 pc) and Hungary (74 pc).

This makes Hungarians the 4th most pessimistic participants with gloomy views about our future.

On the contrary, almost every Chinese, 91 pc have the opinion that things could not even be better and have high expectations. On the average, 44 pc in the observed 28 countries think that the outlooks are good. China (91 pc), Saudi Arabia (75 pc), and India (67 pc) are the top 3 countries with the most optimistic population.

Hungarians are lagging behind these countries, as only 26 pc of the population is under the impression that things will work out just fine.

But what is everyone so worried about?

As the research concludes, an extraordinarily high share of Hungarians, 71 percent believe that health care is one of the main problems that cause distress. On the average, according to 24 pc of the population of the 28 countries health care raises concerns. Compared to the average, the Hungarian results are shocking. However, the results are somewhat unsurprising and could have been expected for long months, as the Hungarian health care system is in horrible state today.

Besides health care issues, unemployment, poverty, social inequalities, criminality and corruption prove to be the most worrying areas according the report of the Ipsos research.

On the global average, people are most concerned with unemployment and poverty, while criminality is in the second place with 32 pc of the population worrying about it. The third place is taken by economic and political corruption equally with a 32 pc share.

Hungarians are also concerned with poverty and social inequalities: compared to the 33 pc global average, more than half of the Hungarians, 57 pc think that social issues represent a great problem.

Every second Hungarian considers corruption disturbing, while 7 pc are anxious about migration.

The 28 participating countries were Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Chile, China, France, UK, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Poland, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the USA.

Source: Napi.hu

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