Three schools from Budapest are leading HVG’s 2018 top high schools list: the Fazekas Mihály Elementary and High School, the Eötvös József Secondary School, and the ELTE Radnóti Miklós School. HVG publishes the full list featuring the top 100 Hungarian high schools this week.

Eduline reports that the Fazekas Mihály Elementary and High School leads HVG’s top high school list this year too. The school placed first in two categories, having the highest scores in the mathematics competency tests and the mathematics Matura. The other school that managed to place first in two categories is the Eötvös József Secondary School, having the best results in the comprehension tests and in at the entrance exams.

Both institutions are based in Budapest.

The ELTE Radnóti Miklós School came in third. The high schools belonging to the Eötvös Loránd University score quite well each year, exchanging ranks all the time. This year, Radnóti proved to be the best, but the Trefort Ágoston School was featured in the top ten too.

Here is the complete list of the top 10 high schools:

1 – Fazekas Mihály Elementary and High School (Budapest)
2 – Eötvös József Secondary School (Budapest, 5th district)
3 – ELTE Radnóti Miklós School (Budapest)
4 – Toldy Ferenc Gimnázium Secondary School (Budapest, 1st district)
5 – Deák Téri Evangélikus Gimnázium (Budapest)
6 – Városmajori High School and Kós Károly Elementary School (Budapest)
7 – ELTE Trefort Ágoston School (Budapest)
8 – Szent István Secondary School (Budapest, 14th district)
9 – Kazinczy Ferenc Secondary School (Győr)
10 – Fazekas Mihály Secondary School (Debrecen)

These are the 20 best schools in Hungary

‘The best high school in the countryside is the Kazinczy Ferenc Secondary School from Győr, snatching the ninth place in the top 10.

It managed to get into the top ten in three categories,

although it was not first placed in either. The Fazekas Mihály Secondary School from Debrecen placed tenth, while the Lovassy Secondary School (Veszprém) would’ve needed just a bit more to get into the best ten’ – according to the publication.

There is a theological institution among the top ten, the Deák Téri Evangélikus Gimnázium, which placed fifth. The theological high schools had great results, representing 20% of the top 100 high schools.

The basis for comparison and ranking

The publication admitts that not all features of a good high school can be ranked. The aim of this list is

to use the aspects that are applicable for most of the schools

and that tend to characterise them.

In the process of collecting the best high schools, it was the 2016 results of the 10th graders’ obligatory and uniform competence tests, the results of the 2016 Spring traditional and higher level Hungarian literature and language, mathematics, history and foreign language Matura, and the average points achieved by the successful applicants at the university level entrance exams in 2016, that were taken into consideration by HVG.

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