Writers, poets and artists offer their words in exchange for edibles at a book shop in Budapest. The food will be given to students with a disadvantaged background, and those who wish to help them, will get words, or a piece of art (depending on the amount of the giver’s offering ) as an acknowledgement.

This unique charity event started at the 16th of November and goes on until the 6th of December, the day on which Hungarians celebrate St. Nicholas Day. There are well-known writers, poets, directors and historians among the 59 creators who thank well-doers with their hand-written words. The tariff is 1 good word for 3 cans of food, of for 10 kilos of rice, flour or pasta. For 9 cans of food, or 30 kilos of basic food ingredients equals complete sentences or complete works.

The owner of the idea is Erzsebet Scipiader’s, the Purlitzer Prize-winning journalist. ’Buy a Good Word!’ is an entirely civil event, and this year, some of the offered original words come from abroad: Germany (for example Terezia Mora, the popular writer and translator of Hungarian authors) Romania, France and Indonesia are among the ”suppliers”.

You can find more information ont he facebook site of the event, HERE.

based on article of hvg.hu
translated by Laura Kocsis

Source: http://hvg.hu/

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