2015 is almost over, and welovebudapest.com collected a couple of events to end this year the best way possible. Feel free to check out any of the events: you can find the links of the Facebook pages in the article.

There’s going to be a New Year’s Eve screening of the new Beatles movie at the Urania National Filmhouse, which is a kind of fake documentary. The movie is called A hard day’s night and follows the day of John, Paul, George, and Ringo who decide to ignore the rules, their schedules, and their responsibilities, and grab their freedom. Here’s the Facebook event.

If you would rather spend the last night of 2015 listening to music and prefer the genres of psychedelic rock, blues, or stoner, then check out Kuplung’s event because the Middlemist Red, the Run Over Dogs, the Puma Danger are going to throw an awesome show!

Also, Tankcsapda is going to give a New Year’s Eve concert after five years! They spent the year touring, so this concert is a fine way to end their year and their tour simultaneously. The show is going to have a real year-ending set list, so it’s definitely worth a look!

Paten46’s party should be your choice if you’re a real ‘90s person! All the classics from 20 years ago are going to be there, like Britney Spears, the Spice Girls, the Hungarian UFO, or the Soho Party! Check out the event here.

To go back even further in time and experience the atmosphere of the ‘50s and ‘60s America, visit the InterContinental Budapest! Casinos, a masquerade party, dance shows, and costumes will make you jump through time and experience a different era.

To experience what it really feels like to live in Budapest, the city where countless cultures are mixed, visit KIOSK x I love Budapest’s New Year’s Eve Party! It’s going to be a real culinary experience, as there are going to be different types of food in every corner. You can also choose between various tickets, so everyone can find the one that suits her the best.

For those who prefer dancing all night Fogas’ New Year’s Eve party is going to be perfect. Fogas has recently become a real party place, and the organizers have tried their best to make the last day of 2015 great! More than 30 DJs will play from 9pm till noon 1 January 2016! Check it out here.

To jump into the world of Montmarte and the revue dancers, go to Hello Baby Bar’s New Year’s Eve party, “where lights are impudently playing, the glasses of sparkling champagne will be clicking with each other in overwrought mood at midnight, and we will join the new world together where the rythm dictates and the temple is faithfully following the disciplined soldiers of the bass. We live only once, but then we live well.” Check out the Facebook event here.

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Source: welovebudapest.com

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