Unlike many other trendy diets and food trends, veganism is not a fad – it is here to stay. The popularity of veganism has shot through the roof over the past few years, so much so that the plant-based lifestyle is now considered to have gone mainstream.

Chef’s Pencil has analyzed the rise of veganism world-wide through the lens of Google Trends, a reliable big data provider. Google Trends lets you analyze the popularity of various search categories around the world such as veganism, which comprises vegan-related searches made in any language (e.g. “veganism”, “vegan restaurants”, “vegane rezepte”, “vegan essen”).

While some of these searches are made out of curiosity, a high volume of vegan-related searches, such as vegan recipes or vegan restaurants near me, show a clear adoption or intent to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Google Trends data confirms that veganism is growing fast. 2018 was a record year for veganism searches, up 11% on 2017, and 35% on 2016.

Google allocates an interest score to each location, showing the level of interest in the topic at that location. For example, if Sweden holds an 84 score for veganism and Germany holds a 60 score, it means that a higher percentage of people in Sweden have made vegan-related searches compared to Germany.

We’re going to take a look at the most popular places for veganism in Europe in 2018, and surprisingly the top ten is dominated by countries in the North.

Please see below the countries that ranked in the top 20:

1. United Kingdom (Score 100)
The United Kingdom is the proud home of as many as 3.5 million new vegans, according to a survey carried out by The people of the UK have so embraced veganism that UK cities dominate the European top 10, with six cities taking the prime spots. The media has played a big role in spreading the popularity of veganism among Brits, and the Veganuary campaign, which invited people to try out the vegan lifestyle for the first month of this year, had a huge impact.

2. Sweden (Score 84)
Sweden is one of the leading countries in vegan popularity as about 20% of younger Swedes think of themselves as being vegetarian or vegan. A report published by the Nordic Council of Ministers shows an even more promising future for veganism in Sweden as half the population say veganism is something they would like to try out. And just to confirm Sweden’s commitment to all things non-animal, food producers are taking a lead in vegan food innovation.

3. Ireland (Score 62)
‘’The Vegans Have Landed’’ claimed the Irish Times in 2018. Their article showed that more and more people are choosing a plant-based lifestyle, and the major cities are responding with more vegan choices when it comes to food and produce. However, locals believe there is still a long way to go for the country to be considered a world centre for veganism.

4. Austria (Score 60)
5. Germany (Score 59)
6. Finland (Score 57)
7. Denmark (Score 55)
8. Switzerland (Score 53)
9. Norway (Score 47)
10. Netherlands (Score 46)
11. Slovenia (Score 45)
12. Czech Republic (Score 38)
13. Portugal (Score 35)
14. Hungary (Score 32)
15. Spain (Score 30)
16. Belgium (Score 30)
17. Italy (Score 25)
18. Poland (Score 25)
19. France (Score 24)
20. Slovakia (Score 20)

1. Bristol Score: 100
The top city in the top country is Bristol, UK, first in the world and second worldwide for vegan-related searches on Google. It surely is the planet’s centre of vegan interest. Not only is its population eating vegan, it is living vegan as well, with its own Bristol Vegan Community and numerous restaurants, cafes, hair and beauty salons and others turning vegan.

2. Edinburgh Score: 75
3. Manchester Score: 67
4. London Score: 66
5. Glasgow Score: 66
6. Gothenburg Score: 60
7. Stockholm Score: 59
8. Berlin Score: 59
9. Amsterdam Score: 54
10. Birmingham Score: 48
11. Hamburg Score: 47
12. Copenhagen Score: 44
13. Helsinki Score: 44
14. Vienna Score: 42
15. Cologne Score: 41
16. Dublin Score: 40
17. Stuttgart Score: 39
18. Munich Score: 38
19. Zurich Score: 37
20. The Hague Score: 31
21. Prague Score: 30
22. Frankfurt Score: 29
23. Barcelona Score: 28
24. Budapest Score: 26
25. Warsaw Score: 21

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  1. Is there even a vegan restaurant in Budapest? There was a very good vegetarian one in central Budapest, but it got closed down, could not find another after that – that was a good 5 yrs ago so it may have changed. As a vegetarian I can tell you Hungary is very very backward, you cant even get quorn there. You can get some soya related products in v expensive bio shops etc.

  2. mark Trellis you are talking rubbish. Have you even been to Hungary lately. Vegetarian and vegan products are widely available in all supermarkets. There are many veggie bars and restaurants in Budapest. Get your facts straight.

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