CEO of RTL, Gabriella Vidus is the most influential person in the Hungarian media, writes The list is composed by Marketing&Media every year. Dirk Gerkens, current CEO of TV2 reappeared on the list, and so did István Száraz, director of New Wave Media, which owns Origo and, and was involved in the scandal surrounding the Hungarian National Bank  (MNB).

There have been many changes in the world of the Hungarian media recently, and  almost 40% of the people have changed. This is the first time that Andy Vajna, owner of TV2, is on the list, and he opened by taking second place. Former leader Dirk Gerkens is also back  and took ninth place as CEO of TV2.

Gabriella Vidus, former sales director and current CEO of RTL, kept her place as the most influential person in the Hungarian media.

Árpád Habony, director of Modern Media Group, is the third most influential person. Zoltán Varga, owner-CEO of Central Media Group is fourth, while József Bayer, CEO of Ringier Axel Springer is fifth.

It’s the first time that Csaba Lukács, managing director of Atmedia, is on the list, taking seventh place, and Christopher Mattheisen kept his eight place. Managing director of MEC Hungary is ranked tenth place.

Every year, since 2008, the majority of the most influential people in the media have come from media companies (54% in 2016, which is 4% lower than last year). Media- and advertising agencies’ presence grew from 24% to 30%. The telecommunications sector composed 10% of the list.

More and more people appear on the list of the most influential people who have political ties. Market analyst companies could not get on the list in 2016 either, fourth year in a row, while in previous years they sometimes composed as much as 10% of the list.

2016 was the first year that István Száraz, owner of Origo and, and director of New Wave Media was on the list, ranking 11.

Zsófia Bánhegyi, telecommunications director from Telekom and successor of Iván Rózsa took twelfth place, and Gergely Dudás, managing director of R-Time and sales director of RTL Klub ranked fifteenth. It’s also the first time that Balazs Rónai, director of Mediaworks and successor of Attila Mihók, is on the list.

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