Sunset is one of the most favourite natural attractions of many to admire from beaches, mountains, and other places, whereever it is possible. Daily News Hungary reported before about amazing places in Budapest where you can enjoy the amazing sunset above the capital, and now we would like to share some other places, this time from the area of Lake Balaton.

Travelo reported about the best places to enjoy the sunset and to admire Central Europe’s biggest lake.


The place is famous for the Tihany Abbey and the lavender fields close to it attracting many tourists during the summer, spring, and autumn seasons alike. From the top of the hill, next to the abbey, you can enjoy not just an amazing view of the building and the lake but of the sunset as well.

Tihany Peninsula

Szent György Mountain

Famous for its chapel and wineries, the Szent György Mountain is one of the most visited places of Lake Balaton. Climbing up to the top of the hill provides you with an excellent view of other mountains and wine regions nearby, and also, if you climb up at the right time, of the amazing Balaton sunset.


Somló Mountain

The mountain has a 17.5-metre-high viewpoint from where you can see the region of Badacsony (the most famous wine region of Lake Balaton) and Alsóörs as well. You can also enjoy the view from the shores close to the lake. Another fact related to Badacsony is that it can be seen from every point of the lake because of its monumental size.



This area is one of the most remarkable geological features of Lake Balaton with a viewpoint as well. If you climb to the top of the mountain, you can get an exceptional view of the sunset.

Hegyestű, Hungary, nature, geological
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Pinyoo


The 376-metre-high mountain provides historical sights like chapels and churches and also a view of marvellous sunsets. This is also the best and only place where you can examine the area of the Balaton Uplands.

Castle of Csobánc
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Darinko

Castle of Csesznek

On the western side of Lake Balaton, there is the Castle of Csesznek that remained from the middle ages. The more than 700-year-old building is built on top of a mountain, which also means that watching the sunset can be combined with a historical trip back to the Kingdom of Hungary.

cseszneki vár Castle of Csesznek

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