Margit Varga confectioner’s cake won Hungary’s Sugar-Free Cake Competition, reports The cake was made without added sugar. The competition is usually announced by One Drop Attention Foundation (Egy Csepp Figyelem Alapítvány) and by the Association Of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers (HUNBISCO) together in each year.

The cake is called Pöttyös Panni after the famous Hungarian tale figure. Its victory has been announced in the Parliament along with the winner of Hungary’s Cake Competition and the programs of August 20. Hungary’s Cake of 2017 is the Balatoni Habos Mogyoró made by Orsolya Vaslóczki. You can taste both cakes on August 19-20 at the Street of Hungarian Flavours in Budapest.

Pöttyös Panni is Hungary’s Sugar-Free Cake in 2017
Source: facebook / Egy Csepp Figyelem Alapítvány

One Drop Attention Foundation and HUNBISCO announced the Competition of Hungary’s Sugar-Free Cake for the sixth time. Any Hungarian confectionery or catering unit could enter the competition. Confectioners could choose ingredients from a list approved by the Hungarian Dietetic Association (MDOSZ). Pöttyös Panni won the competition – it was made by Zazzi Confectionery and Café located in Budapest. The cake does not contain added sugar or white flour, while the sourish taste of the fresh raspberry mousse is perfectly completed by the sweet flavour of the plum layer. The plum also harmonizes with the poppy seed sponge-cake, in which the almond flour makes the poppy seeds’ intensive flavour smoother. The cake altogether emits joy and lightness, which is further emphasized by the dots on the top of it. These dots inspired the confectioner when choosing the name.

Pöttyös Panni is a light delicacy containing little carbohydrate, thus it suits a balanced diet and diabetics can eat it without any problem. According to the Hungarian Dietetic Association, one slice may contain 6 grams of carbohydrate and 167 kcal. The examinations were made by Wessling Hungary Kft., an independent laboratory providing food and feed analyses. The goal of One Drop Attention Foundation with this competition is to raise the confectioners’ attention to the growing demand for sugar-free cakes that suit balanced diets.

Winner Pöttyös Panni with Margit Varga and Balatoni Habos Mogyoró with Orsolya Vaslóczki
Source: facebook / Egy Csepp Figyelem Alapítvány

Hungary’s Cake in 2017 is Balatoni Habos Mogyoró made by Orsolya Vaslóczki, confectioner of SUGAR! Design Confectionery belonging to Horváth Cukrászda Kft. in Budapest. Orsolya Vaslóczki also won the Hungary’s Sugar-Free Cake Competition earlier. The winner cakes will be available in many confectioneries in Hungary from the 19th of August on, but you can also taste them at the Street of Hungarian Flavours on August 19-20 near Castle Garden Bazaar, where you can check your blood-sugar levels for free in the tents of One Drop Attention Foundation.

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