Budapest (MTI) – The government has prepared a list of safe countries of origin and safe third countries that includes the Western Balkan nations where most illegal immigrants arrive from, a decree published in Tuesday’s official gazette Magyar Kozlony shows.

The list of safe countries under the asylum law includes all EU member states and four candidates for EU membership, namely Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The fifth candidate, Turkey, does not feature on the list. The list also includes members of the European Economic Area, US member states where capital punishment is not applied, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Safe countries of origin are defined by the decree as countries free of wars and persecution. Safe third countries are defined as countries which asylum seekers had already crossed and where they could have applied for refugee status.

Parliament mandated the government in late June to identify “safe” countries from where asylum-seekers would be rejected.

Speaking in support of the motion, Fidesz lawmaker Lajos Kosa said that “if someone is a refugee they must stop at the place where their lives are no longer threatened.”


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