writes that a young wolf was filmed in the Aggtelek National Park with the camera trap gifted by WWF. The research concerning wolves living in Hungary obtained information of key importance by the observation of the animal. The predators could be endangered by the upcoming bell. WWF puts even more camera traps at the national park’s disposal to facilitate further research.

WWF Hungary’s camera trap filmed a night-time and a daytime scene in the beginning of August, where we can see a young grey wolf in the first seconds. The path of the animal has been observed for a month by Ádám Szabó, the researcher of Aggtelek National Park Directory.


“The scenes filmed with WWF’s camera trap led us to the family of the young wolf, and the national park published fresh scenes of the 3-3,5 months old cubs and the younger wolves a few weeks ago. The individual is one of the cubs which were born last years. He constantly follows the pack from a respectful distance, tries to steel their leftovers and stay close to them. The young wolf is still learning hunting by himself, so he can get supplementary food through the pack for sure. Actually, this connection was what led us to the family” said the researcher.

New videos were published about the life of the wolf family, the cubs born this year and the relatives living in their environment, which doesn’t only show the everyday life of the pack, but also other dwellers of the colourful forest community.


“It is documented that these cubs were born in Hungary, which signifies that the efforts for the safety of their habitat are not in vain. The now peacefully romping cubs will take the road in the end of September and get to know the hunting region of the pack, which is hundreds of square metres big. So they are in increased danger due to the upcoming bell and winter wolf hunts” writes Balázs Veress, the director of Aggtelek National Park, in WWF’s letter.


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