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Budapest, January 10 (MTI) – The government’s scheme for subsidising households with children is guaranteed so long as Fidesz remains in power, the ruling party’s spokesman told a conference on Sunday.

János Halász, spokesman for the party’s parliamentary group, insisted that the left-wing parties would abolish the programme if they returned to power.

When the left-wing parties came into power in 2002, they abolished the home-building subsidies introduced by the first Orban government, Halász said, noting that the first Fidesz government, which came into power in 1998, launched a similar scheme to the current one, and this not only boosted home sales but supported renovations too.

Halász noted that the government is considering expanding the programme. Preparations are under way and plans are to expand the scheme in the spring, the politician said.

Answering a question concerning the financing of Budapest’s public transport, Halász said the capital will receive all the support specified by the relevant contracts. Public transport in the agglomeration area is not in jeopardy at all, he said.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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